ROBLOX High School Inspection Edit

ROBLOX High School is an academy that is highly popular. On 13.11.17, Lianne (Penguin_Hopps) came to inspect the academy to see if it is performing well. Lianne has recorded notes of the academy, and will use them to put them into the report. This is the first inspection that RHS has received.

Ratings of ROBLOX High School Edit

Overall Rating - Good Edit

Is the service safe? - Requires Improvement

Is the service effective? - Requires Improvement

Is the service caring? - Good

Is the service responsive? - Good

Is the service well-led? - Good

What we did? Edit

Lianne, who was the inspector, observed classes. Also, she has walked around the entire school to check if it is safe.

Lianne has spoke with 4 children and a principal.

Is the service safe? - Requires Improvement. Edit

During our walk around school, we saw that medicines in the Nursing Room were easily in reach. We will ask the creators to move the medication out of the children's reach so that they don't die. "I feel safe here, there are no bullies from what I've seen," reported a child. There were no bullies and no incidents throughout our visit. However, after school, there were cheerleading tryouts including dangerous moves that could result in the children breaking a bone or worse injury. The cars at ROBLOX High School need fixing as people glitch out of them.

Is the service effective? - Requires Improvement Edit

Lianne has walked through the cafeteria and there are 2 foods and 1 selection of drink. Chicken or burger were the only option foods. We feel that the academy should cater more for those with nut allergies or religious foods. There was a child with medication and it wasn't administered correctly. We will tell the owner and creator to provide more choices of food and some more nurses.

Is the service caring? - Good Edit

Although there was a child telling us to go away, the principal reports that the children treat others and staff members with respect. This is true because Lianne has seen children praising another for their efforts. TBA