Inspection Edit

On 26th November 2017, an inspection was carried out by Courtney, an inspector. (WinterCoolCourtney12). LDD have told us to change size, even though we are adults.

Ratings of Little Dreamies Daycare Edit

Overall Rating - Inadequate Edit

Safe - Requires Improvement

Effective - Inadequate

Caring - Inadequate

Responsive - Requires Improvement

Well-led - Inadequate

Message from Courtney Edit

This daycare is designed really good. The problems are generally with the staff. The AQC team have received such disrespect. I clearly explained to a counselor that I was an inspector from the AQC, and then I got kicked. This is why this daycare is going to be put in special measures and was rated inadequate. We hope for our next inspection we have more respect. I'm also annoyed that the daycare don't accept people in different sizes. I am an adult, and I was told to change size, because according to a counselor, I have to roleplay what he wants. The next time the AQC team come to inspect the daycare, we hope that massive improvements have been made.

I have been banned from the daycare, because I have been inspecting. Typical.